I generally look for naturalistic subjects, but this photoblog is devoted to photography in all its forms and styles. Photos, excluding title and exif data, are presented without any description...the aim is the images express themselves! Photos are made with compact cameras, digital SLR with that and, if no equipment, also through the use of mobile phones. My other site: Ombra e Luce

About me

My name is Simone, I was born in Milan in 1976, my father was an advertising photographer in the seventies and eighties. It was from him that I inherited my passion for photography, especially for macro photography, with my first reflex “Pentax” at the age of 7 years old.

This hobby of mine goes along with cinema: it gives way to appreciate what, as a matter of fact, is a sequence of photos. For this reason I joined the thechnical staff of the cinematographic and documentary group "DietroLeQuinte" in Savona (Italy), where I attend the direction of photography in the making of shorts and documentaries.

My other website

My first photographic website was "Photo and Nature". Today it is a portfolio in flash. Click to visit: Ombra e Luce.

My books

My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb! Take a sneak peek and place your order if you're so inclined: see my published books.

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